We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. To this end we have designed our buildings to minimize energy use. We achieve this by employing a passive solar design which, in winter, uses the sun’s energy to keep the building warm, In summer the amount of sun incident on the building is reduced by the use of ‘brise soleil’ and the building is cooled by natural ventilation. Neither of these techniques would yield much benefit without the upgraded insulation and ‘living roof’, which are employed in the building. We still do have conventional heating and cooling but these building features minimize its use.

We also conserve water; Rainwater is harvested from our red roofs, filtered and stored underground where it is used to feed the WCs, laundry and exterior hose barbs. – Don’t worry all water from the faucets is drinkable. It comes from our well and is treated.

The living ‘green’ roof and the red roofs can be seen from afar and act as signposts to the winery. We would invite you to come try our portfolio of wines, while enjoying the tranquil surroundings on top of the escarpment.

Aure Wines is committed to providing attractive wines, while following ethical employment and environmental practices.