Our Team

Aure Wines TeamAure Wines is owned by the Hoare family who are originally from London, England.

In the mid 90s we moved to Canada for business reasons. Our backgrounds are in Engineering and Psychology. Our reasons for coming to Canada were business; Our reasons for staying are evident.

The family supports the community and serves on local committees

All the members of our team are qualified and interested in making sure that your experience is informative and enjoyable. We invite you to visit the winery & restaurant, try our portfolio of wines, while enjoying the tranquil surroundings on top of the escarpment.

William Hoare, Sales & Hospitality
William Hoare, Winery Operations

I started in the hospitality industry when I was 14, like most people, washing dishes and bussing tables in a restaurant. My love of food developed at a very young age, I was not your typical 'Mac and Cheese' kid, I ate just about anything and would always try something new. As I traveled to different countries, my palate grew and evolved . When it was time to move on to higher education, I only wanted to study Hospitality which I did at Niagara College where I got my Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management. This is where my love and appreciation for wine was developed. I had a friend in the Oenology program at the college. I remember spending hours listening to him talk about all the different wines and Vines. This intrigued me enough to take extra classes to broaden my knowledge of wine. I learnt quickly the more you know about wines and the more you study them, the more you realize how little you know. I never think I will stop leaning about wines, however if you come in the shop and I am there I am more that happy to share what knowledge I have.

Aure Wines is committed to providing attractive wines, while following ethical employment and environmental practices.